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UK’s Leading Specialist Passive Fire Protection Company

KFP Limited as a specialist in passive fire protection company has an outstanding track record and is a proven local partner for.

Our service assures the correct use and installation of the world’s leading passive fire protection. 

We also provide the most comprehensive and hassle-free solution for full certification and BOLSTER compliance. 

We Understand Requirements

KFP Limited has been 3rd Party Certified by IFC and CHAS to install passive fire protection; intumescent basecoat and specialist boarding systems. As a IFCC, KFP Limited can issue a Certificate of Conformity for each passive fire protection installation, as recommended in the Building Regulations. 

We Work Precisely & on Time

Quality and compliance are only as good as the record keeping and documentation which accompanies the installation process. Using the BOLSTER software, our specialist can record and detail installations in real time, allowing all parties to carry remote quality inspections and providing a central point for access to all quality checks, health & safety information and handover documentation.

We Deliver Best Output

All KFP Limited installations are benchmarked for approval, have real time tracking and marking-up of drawings, and are inspected and certified by 3rd party inspectors. We deliver only globally recognized quality standards.

Our key people share decades of experience in passive fire protection and the UK's construction sector

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With a collective of over 12  years’ experience within fire safety and building management, we are a team who strive to give you the safest future to the highest and most innovative standards.


We assure the completeness of our customers projects due to our high and most innovative standards. Our accreditations are gained by hard and fair work and guarantee that our customers are in safe hands


Thanks to our experience we select our partners carefully to make sure both of our standards and ethos align with our company culture. We are proud to say we work with some of the best companies in the UK.

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We Provide The Best Service In the Fire Protection Industry

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